1 Corinthians 10:23 says

You say, “Under grace there are no rules and we’re free to do anything we please.” Not exactly. Because not everything promotes growth in others. Your slogan, “We’re allowed to do anything we choose,” may be true—but not everything causes the spiritual advancement of others.

In this passage of the bible, it talks about having boundaries. Boundaries are limits on what one is allowed to do. The bible says we are allowed to do anything we choose but it is not everything that will help us grow Spiritually. This is to say that God has given us free will but he requires that we have godly boundaries in every aspect of our lives. We would look at the boundaries we are to set as young Christians.

Sexual Boundaries

As a Young Christian one of the boundaries should be sexual purity. The bible says we should flee from sexual immorality, limits must be put on sexual things till the young Christian is married. The bible describes sexual sin as a sin against the body, that statement explains the depth of the sin. Sexual purity can be achieved with the help of the Holy Spirit.

He would prompt us when we are going beyond the boundaries we have set, some of the boundaries we can set in our dating lives as Christians is no late-night visits. This boundary is to keep the purity of your relationship and help abstain till marriage.

Boundaries on what a Christian watch and listens to

The last boundaries we would like to discuss is what a Christian looks at and what they listen to. What you watch as a Young Christian is very important because it goes a long way to affect how you think. If as a Young Christian you fill yourself with sexually perverted movies or movies with violence you will see it in your lifestyle. Slowly and gradually you start to behave like them but if you fill your Spirit with the word of God you will start to be like him. The music a Christian listen to is very important so a Christian must make sure that the songs edify his Spirit Man. As a young Christian one of the boundaries, you can set can be in relation to what you watch and what you listen to

Boundaries are very important because when you step out of the boundaries God has set for you, you become open to attacks from the devil. We should stay within the boundaries God has set of us and if we need help we should ask the Holy Spirit and also have accountability partners.



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