Ntokozo Mbambo and Nathaniel Bassey Unite in a New Sound of Revival: “MAKABONGWE”

Exciting news in the world of Gospel music! Two acclaimed worship leaders, Ntokozo Mbambo and Nathaniel Bassey, have joined forces to create an awe-inspiring worship masterpiece called “MAKABONGWE.” This powerful anthem is featured in Ntokozo Mbambo’s “Lavish Worship” album, and now, with the collaborative touch of Nathaniel Bassey, it has reached new heights of spiritual transcendence.

“MAKABONGWE” is a Zulu word that translates to “Let Him be glorified” in English. The song serves as a potent anthem of praise, adoration, and surrender to God. The soul-stirring melody, accompanied by rich harmonies, guides listeners into the presence of God, where they can pour out their hearts in worship.

The stirring vocals of Ntokozo Mbambo and Nathaniel Bassey, combined with the captivating instrumentals, create an atmosphere that invites the tangible presence of God. As believers engage with “MAKABONGWE,” they experience a renewed sense of purpose, an awakening of their spirits, and a deepening of their faith

Let us lift our voices in praise and proclaim, “MAKABONGWE!” Let Him Be Glorified!

Watch Video Below;

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