Sandwich Students Christian Fellowship Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Sandwich Students Christian Fellowship Celebrates 20th Anniversary


The Sandwich Students Christian Fellowship (SSCF) has celebrated 20th Anniversary of its existence in the University on the theme “Celebrating 20 Years of God’s Faithfulness.”
The two day-celebration was marked with Musical Concert and a Thanksgiving Service. SSCF Choir, Minister Paolo, Minister Cephas Essien, Ramsome Liturgical Arts and other artistes performed at the Musical Concert and each of them thrilled the audience to soul inspiring worship songs as well as danceable tunes which kept them on their feet throughout the programme.
Giving the exhortation, the Chairman of the Chaplaincy Committee, Rev. Prof. Seth Asare –Danso, called on the students to acknowledge the Lord’s blessings upon their lives and how he has transformed SSCF over the years.  “God is a God of hope in the midst of difficulties,” he assured. He said God has been so faithful to the fellowship and they had every cause to celebrate the goodness of the Lord.

Quoting Lamentations 3:23 from the Holy Bible, Rev. Asare-Danso said God’s love for humanity has no measure and he will remember them in times of trouble.  He said no matter the challenges they were going through in their life and studies, they should be rest assured that the Lord had not forgotten about them. “Remember that despite the stress, quizzes, assignments, referrals and discomfort on campus, the Lord will help you sail through,” he encouraged them.
Rev. Asare-Danso later inaugurated a set of musical instruments and public  address system which the fellowship has purchased for church service.
Rev Emmanuel Abole, who is the founder of SSCF said he started the fellowship with the first batch of 38 sandwich students who were mainly Principals of Training Colleges in 1998.  He explained that, the Government at the time was upgrading the Colleges of Education into tertiary institutions and, therefore, Principals of the Colleges who had Diplomas had to attain a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in order to qualify as heads.

Rev. Abole said the University later introduced more programmes during the Sandwich period and this increased the number of students in the subsequent years which eventually affected the number of members of the fellowship. He indicated that due to the increasing number of members of the fellowship, worship services had to be moved from the House Prayer to Old Library then Large Lecture theatre and finally ended at the Main Auditorium where they currently worship. He noted that the Chaplaincy Board was currently overseeing activities of the fellowship.
The fellowship also honoured Rev. Abole with a citation for his vision to form  SSCF and serving as its patron since its inception.


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