Travis Greene Shares His Testimony About The Day He Saw Jesus

Travis Greene is an American Gospel musician who is known for his very intimate songs about God. Behind his beautiful songs and his amazing life is a mind-blowing life testimony that proves that God is powerful and can do impossible things.

When Travis was 4-years-old, he had an accident that changed his life. He fell from a 4-storey building, and the doctors pronounced him dead on the spot. They had already covered him in a white cloth, but his mom was “crazy” enough to believe that God was able to do anything. She picked up her lifeless son and boldly said, “The blood of Jesus.”

After that, a miracle happened, God brought Travis to life. A few days after the incident, Travis told his mom that he was falling from the window, but he never actually hit the ground. Right before he hit the ground, a big hand caught him.

And when Travis asked His Name, He said, “Son, My name is Jesus.”

That incredible encounter changed Travis’s life. It’s no wonder Jesus let him live. Jesus knew that Travis would grow up glorifying His name. Many years later, Travis became a Gospel singer.  He was nominated for awards at the 2017 Stellar Gospel Music Awards and won in seven key categories.

Watch and be amazed by his wonderful testimony:


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