Who’s in your boat?

We’ve all heard of the Christian song,” With Jesus in the boat I can smile in the storm,when I’m sailing home……”


We’ve heard of Jesus calming storms and commanding the winds. An example is when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples. The disciples were overcome with fear and probably thought they were going to die. If they hadn’t thought to ask Jesus for help, they might have drowned,maybe.

Here’s a question for thought; Who’s in your boat?

Who do you ask for help from in times of trouble? Yes, it’s not wrong to have spiritual leaders you go to, probably shepherds. But do you know that they can really do nothing when they get into your boat?

Only one person is worth inviting into your boat. Without him, the others will probably weigh you down. In reality, all humans can do when you share your problem with them is to pray for you and hopefully offer a word of advice. Only Jesus can truly calm your storms, so why waste time by inviting other people first?


Invite Jesus in your boat and you’ll never sink. Others will just weigh you down, you’ll drown.


With Jesus in the boat,

I know I’ll surely float.

When I can’t hold on no more,

He’ll take me safely to shore.

My soul I know thee Lord will keep.

And when the toil is over,

He’ll put me down to sleep.

– Vee.





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