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We help Christian teens grow their relationship with Jesus. There’s all sorts of good stuff available on topics like sex and dating, Bible reading, understanding God, entertainment, youth group ideas and more.

Are you more of the ‘quiet and reserved’ type who finds it difficult chatting to others? If so, you are not alone! You may be what is called an ‘Introvert’. I am one of these people. I love people, but I find being around lots of people tiring and hard work.

Being an introvert on campus, church and youth group

Do you find being around other people tiring and hard work? These tips are for you. Do you find being around other people tiring and...

2021 Best Christian Pickup lines

For those people who have more Biblical knowledge than skills in speaking to the opposite sex, these funny Christian pick up lines should help...
two people having crush on each other

Is it a sin to have a Crush?

Someone's caught your eye... but is it ok to have a crush? Originally published on 412teens.org Being attracted to someone is not a sin. What we DO...
Are you a Christian guy who has often found yourself wondering, “What in the world do Christian girls want from me?”

Christian Guys: This is what Christian girls want

Interested in dating a Christian girl, but have no idea what they're looking for? You do now. Are you a Christian guy who has often found...

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