Should Christian Married Couples Watch Pornography

The answer is a big NO!

Why? Because porn has nothing good to offer to even an unbeliever, how much more someone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour.

You see,  I ordinarily would not have even tried to deal with a topic like this because I believed very strongly that the answer was very obvious until two events happened.

The first one was in a church I was billed to speak in. There, a young person contributed that he thought it was all right if married couples watched porn. The moderator of that session who was an older and more matured Christian could not agree or disagree…wow how amazing! The second time it was a woman who called into a radio station to ask if it was alright for married couples to watch porn. There and then, I was startled and decided that since this is a generation that is looking for the slightest opportunity to crawl out of God’s protective will into their own wanton cravings, I better offer what I believe God’s word says.

I have seven problems with Christian couples watching porn. Let me start talking about them with you.

THE ADULTERY PROBLEM: Jesus, in Matthew chapter five verse twenty seven to twenty eight, mentions clearly that adultery takes place in the heart and not on a bed. He says that the only prerequisite for that to happen is for a man to lust after a woman in his heart.  I wonder how anyone can watch porn without lusting after the porn stars in their heart.  I love what the Bible says in the book of Proverbs chapter five verse fifteen onwards. It says

“Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well. Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.”

The marriage bed is honourable. We must be careful in order not to share it with strangers.

THE LUST PROBLEM:  Porn feeds lust than any other. This is especially true in the case of porn designed for men which sacrifices the gradual building of sexual intimacy (which requires selflessness) for quick pleasure (which is selfish).  When the couple continues to feed their lust with porn, they train themselves never to be satisfied thereby increasing chances for infidelity; just because lust always wants more.  The addiction of porn is hinged on this simple lust problem.

With so many people partaking in various programs to get out of addiction to porn, I wonder the wisdom anyone has to get into it in the first place no matter the circumstances. The Bible says in second Peter chapter one verse four that the corruption in this world is caused by lust. Let us be careful not to descend into the abyss of corruption.

THE LEARN-BETTER-SEX DECEPTION PROBLEM: O how many times haven’t I heard that you learn better sex styles through porn! My question to anyone who says that is, does it have to be a pornographic movie with real naked human beings? There are so many Christian books that provide married couples with that information without showing any human beings. Drawings and sketches can equally do the teaching lesson equally well.

The real key to better sex is not necessarily in styles, positions or how to use sex toys but in growing in love. The word of God is replete with the best styles. Check out this popular style and position as spelled out in Ephesians chapter five verse twenty four to twenty five:

“Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her”

Married Christian couples who really want to the best romantic position can try the style above for sure results.

THE SEX-WITH-WHO PROBLEM: Since the most powerful sexual organ is not the genitals but the mind, it begs the question of who exactly the married couple will focus on especially when either couple seem to see a better partner in the movie. Couples who make porn watching a pastime introduce new sexual partners other than themselves. These partners are only in the heart.

THE MOVIE PROBLEM: How many of us have not ended up crying, being scared or expressed some kind of emotion just because at one point in watching a movie, we accepted all the facts presented in the movie as true?  Well, when we really get into the movie industry I guess we will all be disappointed like how I was during my recent trip to India.

I listened to the wonderful testimony of Shelley Lubben, a former hardcore porn star now turned Christian. She recounted how a particular scene in a pornographic movie could be shot over and over again for a desired effect. Couples who watch porn rather than benefit, could end up making very unrealistic demands on their partner just because they are using the wrong standard. Movies do not have the unpredictable day to day issues that impinge on the sexual life of a every couple not to mention a Christian couple.

THE DEMON TRANSFER PROBLEM: As Christians we should know how the Bible is not silent on the existence of demons and how they influence the will of people for evil. It takes a lot of guts for normal human beings to throw caution to the wind in order not only to expose their nakedness but to degrade the sanctity of sexual intercourse in the glare of public domain.

Pornography is actually two demon possessed people manifesting. Otherwise what else could plausibly explain such people who do not even care about the threat of sexually transmitted diseases and have condemned themselves on a mission of destruction. Destruction was also mentioned by Jesus Christ Himself as the main reason why the devil and his demons engage any human being. Watching porn therefore opens our spirit, soul and body to be commissioned on this journey which only ends in destruction.

I usually refer to demons as cheerleaders who decorate and fan evil into a flame of enticement. Porn therefore is bait from the father of lies who invites the shallow mind to engage it, so that he [the devil] may have a legitimate cause to assign a demon to possess you to cause serious damage. The many stories of incest, rape and domestic sexual abuse could be traced to this phenomenon.

THE SPONSORSHIP PROBLEM: I recently learned that the porn industry in the USA brings in more money than the NBA, NASCAR and all the sports industries put together. WOW! The big question is who are those funding the porn industry?

You and I who have ever consumed porn before!

I must say that, each time we consume porn whether from a magazine, music video, movie, our mobile phones or wherever, we make the porn industry richer. Why should anyone of us support this industry that has been cited for some of the human trafficking even including children plus a host of other unfortunate vices. Your vote with your eyes saying that you do not want it anywhere near you can go a long way to brighten the corner where you are.


We are truly in the end times because more and more we are seeking to walk in our own opinion instead of God’s will. And yet God’s written word continues to bless the many who are ready to read and apply its truth to their lives. No matter what the challenge you are going through sexually in your marriage, I can assure you that porn would only make it worse. Why don’t we together seek God’s mind as we walk according to His ordained will and purpose for our lives.

If you are addicted to porn you should know that there is hope for you.

From my own former addiction to porn, I must say that the quickest way to kill porn is to surrender every part of you to Jesus. Take daily quiet time seriously and cling to Jesus.  JESUS is the WORD and as we draw closer to Him, we leave everywhere else.

When you start today you may not see you have moved away but don’t stop, keep moving and confessing scripture. Soon, like me, you can have access to all the internet in all the secret places and still not browse porn because you are dead and it is Jesus Christ who is alive in you as is captured in Galatians chapter two verse twenty.


  1. Will God send me to hell for masturbating? I’m a Christian, and everybody knows me as a good kid active in youth group, involved in school leadership, cooperative with parents and teachers, and respected by my friends. But nobody knows about my masturbation habit. I feel really guilty.

  2. Will God send me to hell for masturbating? I’m a Christian, and everybody knows me as a good kid active in youth group, involved in school leadership, cooperative with parents and teachers, and respected by my friends. But nobody knows about my masturbation habit. I feel really guilty.

  3. When I was 7 or 8, I hoisted myself into a tree and accidentally gave myself an orgasm. It was snowy out, and I was bundled in a puffy winter jacket and cumbersome ski pants, which made the branch I’d been hanging from unusually difficult to straddle. As I struggled to pull myself higher, flexing my abdomen with every move, I noticed an unfamiliar kind of pelvic euphoria, which subsided by the time I finagled my way up. That’s really all I remember — a flash of pleasure. Then i started masturbation and it kills

  4. The disturbing part is, you’ll get these so called ‘marriage counselors’, “Christians” they profess to be, actually recommending porn to and encouraging couples to used them in enhancing their ‘sexual life’ and… am like… Damn, What the …!!
    And, tell you what, the TV and radio stations are fueling these ungodly conversations with their so called ‘love’ (funny how love is define in the world today) or ‘late night shows’ n wonder one of every two marriages will winds up in divorce. 10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce | Marriage.Com,first%2520marriages%2520end%2520in%2520divorce.&ved=2ahUKEwiMsernlbnyAhXUgVwKHWj8AFsQFnoECAMQBQ&usg=AOvVaw3GX_-x5kZaQ235KfWMfJYK


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