An imperfect man with a perfect God

The Hillsong  song writer describes it as uncomplicated
It is so simple , he says come as you are
“I don’t have a lot of money ” he said come
My clothes are not perfect he said come
My sins are too much he said come
I have trust issues he said come
I’m too broken he said come
He wants us just as we are, with all our baggage all our imperfections
We don’t have to fix our imperfections
We don’t have to get all the money we want before we come he says just as you are
That love he has for us can fix all our brokenness , our imperfections, our anxiety
The love he has for us is so humble, pure, untouched.
It can’t be explained but when its experienced it feels so safe.
May we leave our excuses and come as we are

In this Christmas seasons let’s not forget to bring all our flaws to Jesus

He loves us so much he wants to be in our every difficulty

He would see us through our imperfections

He came as a perfect God to an imperfect man so that we man be perfect

Jesus is the reason for the season and I pray he becomes Lord over our lives


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