A man like David

The man David

David was a man the bible describes as a man after God’s own heart.

It is safe to say that he did not only find favour with men but in the eyes of God.

David was not blameless nor was he without sin but he understood the principle of repentance.

When he sinned he asked God for forgiveness

The bible did not describe David as a spirit but made it known to us that he was a man just like you and I.

So the question is what made David stand out?

What made God love David so much?

What made David different from the man on the street in today’s era is that he sought after God.

It is seen in the book of Psalms that his soul longed for God as the deer longed for water.

He was desperate to be with God.

He loved him so much that he placed his joy in God.

His position as the king did not change his love for God.

He could even dance for his  clothes to fall off that is a different kind of love.

One thing every Christian can pick from David is his constant love for God.

He loved his creator endlessly.

Like how a man falls head over heels for a woman is what David had for God.

He had pulled God closer to his chest

He had placed him in his heart

Today we might not dance for our clothes to fall off but we can sacrifice a whole lot for the Kingdom of God.

As David said how can I present a sacrifice that did not cost me, we must make sure in all that we do we give God the very best


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