The Groom and his bride

The bible equates God’s relationship with us to be that of a bride and the groom.
So we the church are his bride ,his priced possession ,the love of his life
God did everything to keep his wife the church close to him.
He found every means possible to make sure he didn’t lose his wife .
The were times when his wife will complain and turn away from him and he will look for means to bring her back.
He later gave out something he cherished most
Something he held close to his heart.
That is his son.
That kind of relationship I think is very valuable, for someone to go all out for people who keep running from him .
I know there are days we don’t feel our groom is around .
We feel he has left us .
We feel he doesn’t want us .
But think about it why sacrifice something you cherish for someone you don’t want ,it can’t never happen .

God does not have seasons or times in which he wants mankind .

He wants us every single day in the good and bad seasons.
That means we are the best of all his creations
On those days we do not feel his presence, he is even closer than we think.


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