The Rightful Owner of Your Heart (Spoken Word)

This world is so filthy,

It’s corrupted by our sinful nature,

To keep your beauty,

You must have a heavenly garment on.

Make sure you don’t make it dirty,

If you do,

Heaven will mourn,

We are in this world but we are not of this world,

We are born of His Spirit that’s why He calls us His sons,

His head was pierced with thorns,

They nailed Him till it penetrated His bones,

They mocked Him saying Hail King of the Jews,

Instead of retaliating, He refused,

A man who knew no sin was made sin for us to be free,

He was stripped, flogged, pierced and mocked,

He gave His life as a sacrifice so that we will be purified,

And at the end, the Father is glorified,

Run to Jesus your saviour,

He will guide you,

You won’t waiver,

This world has nothing to offer,

It’s full of pleasures which cannot be satisfied,

Like trying to fill an empty basket with water,

It can never be full,

Worldly pleasures are like food,

It looks good,

But If you eat it,

You will choke to death,

Jesus says ‘I am the bread of life,

And he who eats of me will have eternal life’,

Why choose poison over an antidote,

If you don’t want to bloat,

Please take a pen and jot this in your note,

At the time of creation of man,

A space was left to be occupied by God,

And it is filled when we accept Him as our Lord,

And you know what?

The enemy is fighting for the same place,

That place is your heart,

The devil just wants someone to misuse,

A man who is found to be loose,

Life without Christ is like an electrical garget without a fuse,

It’s of no use,

Take this opportunity and choose,

Between Life and Death,

Between Heaven and Hell,

Between Jesus and the World,

I adjure you to choose Jesus,

For He is the rightful owner of your heart.

By: Emmanuella Nyarko Acheampong (IG: nyarkoakosua)

Inspired By: The Holy Spirit




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