Dr. Sonnie Badu’s “STILL YOU REIGN” Awakens Man from Coma

One of Africa’s greatest musical gifts to the world and head pastor of Rock Hill church in Atlanta Dr. Sonnie Badu is a global musical icon known for his spirit filled music and powerful vocal ability song ‘STILL YOU REIGN’ according to a testimony shared by the Dr Sonnie brought a man back from coma.

Dr. Sonnie Badu  took to his Instagram page to share a testimony by one of his fans.

“This one right here has made my morning …. you shall live and not die ….”

According to Martin, He was in coma and on life support. then heard “STILL YOU REIGN” been played whiles in coma, it was his first time hearing the song, all of sudden he saw himself walking back into his body

         He’s still moving!! He’s still proving!! Just how great He is!!  How great He is!!
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